SS24 CFW | China International Fashion Wednesday Gate Rush Clothing Industry Emerging Competition and Summit Forum

On September 12, 2023, the “China Sanmen” Sprint Clothing Brand Innovation and Emerging Designers Competition and the “China Sanmen” Sprint Clothing Industry Digital Intelligence Fashion Forum were held at Beijing China International Fashion Week. After more than thirty years of accumulation and precipitation, the Sanmen Men Men’s stormsuit industry has developed into the largest stormsuit industry cluster and production base in China. Now, the Sanmen stormtrooper industry is restructuring and starting again, moving towards the path of high-quality branding development in the cluster.

This activity vigorously integrates technology, creativity, and fashion elements, layout high-tech functional fabric research and development, fashion original new product design, and digital transformation of business models, promote collaborative innovation across the entire industry chain, and sound the call to comprehensively enhance the brand influence, product originality, and commercial value creativity of the stormtrooper industry.Hyproof Technology was invited to participate in this event.

The theme of this press conference is “Going Outdoor”. Going outdoors is like an attitude towards life, like a declaration of daily life, relaxed and playful, full of vitality and anticipation. Caring for the origin of outdoor life, caring about the research and application of new outdoor materials, caring for the innovative visual exploration of the outdoor metaverse, and paying attention to the discovery of new and cutting-edge outdoor talents, all of which contain people’s expectations and vision for a new outdoor lifestyle. ‘Going’ also refers to removing, subverting, and innovating, expanding the boundaries of traditional outdoor concepts, redefining the new appearance of outdoor life with a designer’s new design perspective, expressing the new ideas of Sanmen’s sprint clothing products, gathering the brand power of multiple enterprises in the sprint clothing industry chain, promoting the creativity outside the Sanmen, and connecting the upstream and downstream linkage of the industry chain. After selecting and evaluating the best works of cutting-edge designers both domestically and internationally, 13 groups of outstanding works ultimately entered the finals.Hyproof Technology’s participation in the design of the urban camping series won the highest award – the Gold Award.

The holding of the China International Fashion Wednesdays Fashion Industry Emerging Competition and Summit Forum aims to promote the rise of the “future new generation” of Chinese fashion emerging design forces, break through the “four integration” problem of the fashion industry transformation and upgrading, and provide diverse ideas for future transformation and upgrading.Hyproof Technology will take this opportunity to continuously improve its own strength, innovate, and provide designers with broader imagination and space to play, To provide customers with higher quality products and services.