AM-EXPO | The 8th China Advanced Materials Industry Expo and Military Civil Dual Use New Materials Conference 2023

On September 6, 2023, the 8th China Advanced Materials Industry Expo and the Military Civil Dual Use New Materials Conference were held at Qingdao World Expo City. The conference has been successfully held seven times since 2016 and has become the most representative and influential event in the field of new materials in China. The theme of this conference is “Advanced Materials Leading the Development of High end Equipment Industry”. It has created a high-level expert and scholar exchange platform, a military civilian dual-use technology innovation platform, an advanced achievement transfer and transformation platform, and a technology product exhibition and docking platform. Hyproof Technology (Hyproof New Materials), as a professional enterprise engaged in the production and research and development of polymer functional materials, has been invited to participate in a joint exhibition with the National Advanced Functional Fiber Innovation Center (T6 booth of S6 Hall of Qingdao World Expo City), showcasing various application pathways of fiber products in five scenarios: safety protection, emergency support, high-strength and lightweight, intelligent temperature control, and innovation exhibition area (joint). We look forward to your visit and exchange~

The China Advanced Materials Industry Expo brings together professional elites and enterprise representatives from fields such as aerospace, national defense and military industry, oil and gas, and rail transit. The conference invites more than 10 academicians and more than 200 experts and professors to attend the conference. Representatives from more than 200 government agencies and more than 300 military industry enterprises from various regions in China, as well as more than 500 enterprises representing new materials in the high-end equipment field in China, participated in the exhibition and exhibition, We also invite brand purchasers from various corresponding fields to participate deeply, engage in docking and exchange, and hold more than 10 military civilian dual-use new materials conferences, material professional technical forums, and supply and demand docking meetings in various fields at the same time, to assist in military civilian technology collaborative innovation and military civilian cooperation, break through key core technologies in the field of new materials, and create an advanced materials industry chain display and transaction docking platform.

More than 50 universities across the country have participated in the exhibition of new material research achievements. By building a bridge between the needs of university achievements transformation and the needs of enterprise technology research, the strong desire for industrialization of university achievements and the strong demand for technological innovation from enterprises have been met, providing seamless integration for the two major needs, and ultimately achieving school enterprise cooperation and school local cooperation. More than 500 domestic high-end equipment companies in the field of new materials participated in the exhibition and exhibition, and also invited corresponding field brand purchasers to participate deeply, engage in docking and exchange, and create a platform for displaying and trading advanced materials throughout the entire industry chain.

One generation of materials, one generation of equipment, one generation of industries, and advanced materials are the foundation for the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry. Hyproof Technology’s functional fabric products have many advantages, such as high waterproofing, breathability, moisture permeability, strength, flame retardancy, bacteria and virus resistance, UV resistance, aging resistance, etc., and are widely used in fields such as safety protection and emergency support.

In the future development, Hyproof Technology will continue to adhere to the corporate philosophy of “safety first, quality first, innovation leading, and service first”, continuously improve its technical strength and product quality, and provide more high-quality protective products and solutions for users. At the same time, we will actively participate in various industry activities and forums, contribute to the development and progress of the industry, and jointly promote the development and progress of the safety protection textile industry.