【Honors】 Hyproof Technology receives the title of “Rising Star” in the Lingang Group Park, showcasing outstanding innovation capabilities

On October 24, 2023, at the Lingang Group Innovation and Development Conference, Hyproof Technology was awarded the title of “Rising Star” in the Lingang Group Park for its outstanding technological strength and innovative performance. The conference aims to recognize enterprises that have achieved outstanding results in technological innovation and industrial upgrading, thereby promoting the sustainable development of the Lingang Group Park.


Since its establishment, Hyproof Technology has been focusing on technological research and development and innovation, providing high-quality solutions for various industries. In the process of its development, Hyproof Technology has always adhered to the customer-oriented approach, market-oriented, and actively expanded its business areas. This award as the “Rising Star” in the Lingang Group Park is not only a recognition of Hyproof Technology’s achievements in the past year but also an expectation for its future development.

As a “Rising Star” in the Lingang Group Park, Hyproof Technology’s future is full of unlimited possibilities. Taking this opportunity, Hyproof Technology will continue to uphold the development philosophy of innovation-driven, and work together with the Lingang Group to promote the high-quality development of the park, contributing to the grand goal of realizing China’s technological innovation and industrial upgrading.