Dr. Wu Huisheng, Chairman of Hyproof Technology, was invited to participate in the “6th SNEC International Hydrogen Energy Conference” and delivered a keynote speech at the “Hydrogen Energy Frontier Technology Forum”

On November 1, 2023, the “6th (2023) SNEC International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Technology and Equipment Exhibition and Conference (Shanghai)” was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The conference was jointly organized by the Global Green Energy Council, the Hydrogen Energy Committee of the China Renewable Energy Society, the Shanghai Science and Technology Exchange Center, the Shanghai Federation of Economic Organizations, and the Shanghai New Energy Industry Association. The event aimed to showcase achievements and application experiences in the field of hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology, and promote the development of the hydrogen energy industry in the post-pandemic era. It also aimed to facilitate technological exchanges, cooperation, and investments in solar energy, hydrogen energy, and energy storage for comprehensive energy utilization, achieving win-win development. Dr. Wu Huisheng, Chairman of Hyproof Technology, attended the “Hydrogen Energy Frontier Technology Forum – Fuel Cell Technology and Comprehensive Utilization of Hydrogen Energy” and delivered a keynote speech, sharing Hyproof Technology’s research achievements and development experience in the field of hydrogen energy.

The theme of Dr. Wu’s speech was “Innovative Ultra-thin Reinforced Membrane for Enhanced Functionality and Cost Reduction”. He elaborated on the team’s innovative research in ultra-thin reinforced proton exchange membranes. He explained that this new type of ultra-thin reinforced proton exchange membrane can effectively improve the efficiency and performance of hydrogen energy devices while reducing costs. The membrane is produced through the combination of precise manufacturing processes and materials science technologies, and it possesses characteristics such as high strength, corrosion resistance, and hydrogen permeability.

Dr. Wu also introduced the achievements and future development direction of Hyproof Technology in the industrialization of ultra-thin reinforced proton exchange membranes. He mentioned that Hyproof Technology has achieved the industrial application of this technology and established strategic cooperation relationships with multiple enterprises to jointly promote the application and development of ultra-thin reinforced proton exchange membranes in various fields.

The audience highly appreciated Dr. Wu’s speech and engaged in in-depth discussions and exchanges on related issues. Many experts and scholars believe that this new type of ultra-thin reinforced proton exchange membrane will become one of the important development directions in the future energy field and will have a profound impact on the energy industry.

Hyproof Technology has been committed to promoting the development and application of hydrogen energy technology. In the field of new energy, it has achieved a “one body with four wings” business pattern: “one body” refers to the enhanced perfluorosulfonic acid proton exchange membrane (ultra-thin reinforced type), and “four wings” refer to electrolysis of water (hydrogen production), fuel cells (hydrogen utilization), flow batteries (energy storage), and carbon dioxide concentration electrolysis and reduction (carbon reduction). Based on the different demands of the current fuel cell market, relying on the company’s core material, ePTFE high-strength membrane material, Hyproof Technology has developed various enhanced perfluorosulfonic acid proton exchange membranes with independent intellectual property rights, which can flexibly adapt to different terminal applications. In addition, the comprehensive localization of raw materials and production equipment provides a more flexible supply chain relationship and more effective cost control for the products.

Under the leadership of Dr. Wu, Hyproof Technology is believed to continue to leverage its advantages, promote the innovative development of hydrogen energy technology, and make greater contributions to China’s energy transformation and sustainable development.