New Product Release! Hyproof Technology’s AEM Ion Exchange Membrane, Highlight of the 2023 Hydrogen Energy Annual Conference at Orange Club, is Not to be Missed!

On December 12, 2023, the 2023 Hydrogen Energy Annual Conference, jointly organized by Jiading Hydrogen Port and the Orange Club Research Institute, was grandly held at the Rui Li Hotel in Shanghai Automobile City. This annual meeting brought together many industry experts and scholars to discuss the future development trends of the hydrogen energy industry. Hyproof Technology released its latest product, the AEM Ion Exchange Membrane, at this conference. This innovative product became the focus of the event, attracting widespread attention from industry professionals.



In the process of AEM electrolysis for hydrogen production, the AEM ion exchange membrane is responsible for transferring anions, blocking gas permeation, and separating the positive and negative poles. It is a key component that determines the performance of AEM electrolysis cells.

The AEM ion exchange membrane produced by Hyproof Technology possesses excellent chemical and mechanical stability, enabling it to achieve high conductivity and large current density when combined with non-precious metal catalysts. Due to its better ion transport capability, it offers higher efficiency.

AEM ion exchange membranes are typically used in conjunction with non-platinum group catalysts and inexpensive metal bipolar membranes. Compared to the perfluorosulfonic acid proton exchange membrane used for PEM hydrogen production, AEM ion exchange membranes offer a higher cost-performance ratio.

The AEM ion exchange membrane produced by Hyproof Technology can achieve high ion conductivity under relatively low alkaline conditions, providing a long service life and low energy consumption. This makes the hydrogen production process more stable, economical, efficient, and easily marketable. It can be widely used in fuel cells, hydrogen fuel vehicles, energy storage in power systems, and can be combined with renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power to achieve high-efficiency energy utilization and sustainable development of hydrogen energy.

With the continuous growth in global demand for renewable energy, the prospects for the hydrogen energy industry are increasingly promising. The release of Hyproof Technology’s AEM ion exchange membrane and the convening of the 2023 Hydrogen Energy Annual Conference undoubtedly inject powerful momentum into the development of the hydrogen energy industry. We look forward to actively contributing to the industry’s development and innovation by engaging in in-depth discussions and exchanges with industry experts and scholars to achieve sustainable development.