Hyproof Technology was invited to participate in the 2023 Jiangxi Textile and Apparel Week and the Fourth Jiangxi (Ganzhou) Textile and Apparel Industry Expo to promote the high-quality development of the industry

On December 24, 2023, the Fourth Jiangxi (Ganzhou) Textile and Apparel Industry Expo grandly opened in Yudu, Jiangxi, the departure point of the Red Army’s Long March and a renowned city for Chinese branded clothing manufacturing. The exhibition was planned to include “Seven Pavilions + Three Centers,” with the “Seven Pavilions” being Jiangxi Pavilion, Ganzhou Pavilion, Intelligent Equipment Pavilion, Materials Pavilion, Innovation Design Pavilion, Industry Theme Pavilion, and Quality Manufacturing Pavilion. The “Three Centers” included the Fashion Release Center, Conference Center, and Comprehensive Center. These exhibitions led the forefront development direction of the textile and apparel industry from different dimensions such as “technology, fashion, and green.”Hyproof Technology, a company specializing in the production and research of high-polymer functional materials, was invited to participate in the exhibition and welcomed visitors to its booth (Materials Pavilion F27) for communication and exchange.

At the exhibition, Hyproof Technology’s multifunctional nanofiber breathable membrane attracted the attention of many visitors due to its unique clothing material characteristics. The multifunctional nanofiber breathable membrane from Hyproof Technology is a new type of textile and apparel film material with comprehensive properties akin to a hexagonal warrior. This material is not only comfortable, stylish, and high-tech, but also exhibits excellent weather resistance, chemical resistance, stain resistance, and environmental friendliness, capable of adapting to various extreme weather conditions and outdoor environments, providing all-around protection for the wearer.

Whether in extreme cold, heavy rain, or strong winds, this material can provide better protection and a comfortable experience. Its outstanding performance is not only reflected in wind and water resistance but also in its air permeability and moisture permeability functions, making it an exemplary material for future textile and apparel films.

The hosting of this exhibition provided Hyproof Technology with an opportunity to showcase its strength and products, as well as engage in in-depth communication and discussion with numerous peers. In the future, Hyproof Technology will continue to uphold the concept of “Focusing on membrane technology to achieve Chinese manufacturing excellence,” contributing more to the high-quality development of the textile and apparel industry.