Hydrogen Powers the Future | Hyproof Technology Showcases Core Products at FCVC 2023 International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle Conference and Exhibition

The FCVC 2023 International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle Conference and Exhibition, jointly organized by the China Society of Automotive Engineers (China SAE) and the International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association (IHFCA), was held at the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center on July 5, 2023. FCVC is committed to promoting the development of global hydrogen and fuel cell technology and industry through high-end conferences, exhibitions, international exchanges, and cooperation, making contributions to the sustainable development of human society. Hyproof Technology showcased its core products at this exhibition, demonstrating its comprehensive independent technology system. Visitors are welcome to visit Hyproof Technology’s booth D01-1 for guidance and exchange.

The theme of the 2023 conference is “Demonstration Leads, Hydrogen Ignites the Future.” In response to different demands in the fuel cell market, Hyproof Technology has developed various enhanced perfluorosulfonic acid proton exchange membranes with independent intellectual property rights based on its core material ePTFE high-strength film, which can be flexibly adapted to different end applications. The staff at Hyproof Technology’s booth engaged in in-depth technical exchanges and business negotiations with the audience.

Hyproof Technology has achieved a “one body, four wings” business structure in the field of new energy. The comprehensive localization of raw materials and production equipment provides a more flexible supply chain relationship and more effective cost control for the products. Hyproof Technology will continue to adhere to the corporate tenet of “focusing on membrane technology, achieving Chinese manufacturing,” constantly innovating in product technology, and assisting the high-quality development of the industry.