Join Us at the 11th Liman China Pig Conference and Pig Industry expo

The 11th Li Man China Pig Raising Conference and World Pig Industry Expo was held on March 23 at the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center. Liman China Pig Raising Conference is currently the largest pig raising industry conference in the world. Adhering to the theme of “providing scientific solutions for the world pig raising industry – focusing on China”, Liman China pig raising conference continues to share the research results from global authoritative experts for Chinese pig raising practitioners is rated as one of the most valuable conferences in the pig raising industry.

We invite you to stop by any time at our booth #W4 Hall W425

The e-PTFE nano-aerobic fermentation functional device system, independently developed by Hyfertile, has been successfully used in livestock and poultry manure, agricultural straw, municipal sludge, kitchens waste, fruit and vegetable waste and other fields. In accordance with state regulations, the finished fermentation can be used to produce organic fertilizer, cow mattress material, garden nutrient soil, etc. As applied to companies that focus on large-scale breeding farms, organic fertilizer plants, waste treatment centers, sludge treatment plants, and garden maintenance.

Hyfertile is and will remain fully committed to supporting environmental protection and sustainable development policies, especially in the area of agricultural environmental protection.